Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Economy Archery Package Ages 6-12



This is a great buy at the price offered.  A wonderful Christmas gift for your young ones.

This product has great reviews and great pricing too! 
See the reviews below
4-5 Star Ratings:
By Diane Davis

   My 7 year old got this for Christmas, and wants to go out every day to "practice". We bought a couple of haystacks to have something to shoot at. This is "real" - the arrows have metal tips, the bow is wooden and almost as tall as he is, and when you shoot properly, it will go quite a distance - my 7 year old can shoot it over 50 yards and has only had it a few days. It comes with everything you need - the bow, several arrows, a thing with a belt clip to hold the arrows, wrist gaurd and two targets. One warning - it is not a toy, we require that he have supervision using it and shoot it only at the target. While the arrows are not really sharp, I would imagine that it could injure any person or animal it hit.

By Mike Quinn

   Ordered this archery set for my six year old son after he expressed interest a couple times in wanting to shoot my compound bow- which he's just a wee bit small to handle. He's not a very big kid for his age- and this junior bow is probably a bit big for him- but he's determined enough in keeping up with dad and with a litt instruction (not much) he's got it down pretty well. As his skill level improves- I hope the next door neighbor lady's cat stays off the top of the fence.

By Robyn544

   Got this for my 8 year old son. He earns tokens for good behavior that he can trade for time with the archery set. He absolutely loves it. And so does his 13 year old brother. The 8 year old needs supervision because these are not the cheesy suction cup arrows, they can really fly. We set up a target on a cardboard box (stuffed with other boxes and paper) and the kids have already riddled it with holes. Next we plan to set up hay bales with a colored target - the targets that come with it aren't great, but everything appears to be of good quality. It's a great value - definitely worth the money.

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