Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Maxi Archery Set (Small Child)


Your young son or daughter will love this set.  For the price it provides everything needed for them to shoot like the big guys.

They will love it and many smiles will be evident.  This is a safe low power bow and arrow set, with target and quiver.

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Review by: C. Collar

We went between Toys to Grow On, where I initially found an archery set, and Amazon to compare prices and products. Pretty close. Overall the set has been tremendously enjoyable for my son who's just getting into Cub Scouts and wants to practice his archery skills. You really have to pull back on the bow and give the arrow quite a bit of tension to give the arrow enough momentum to stick to the target. Once he or she realizes this you'll have hours of fun. I think "santa" had more fun putting under the Christmas tree!

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