Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Orion StarSeeker 130mm GoTo Reflector Telescope

Computer Controlled Positioning


This is a Computerized Telescope with many features.
For the beginner, it's a great scope to learn on.
Learn to use star charts and coordinates that make viewing the heavens easy.

Check the reviews below.  Orion makes good products!
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Review By: S. Combs

   Purchased the Orion Starseeker 130mm telescope through Amazon in early December. I'm new to telescopes, so I found the set-up somewhat difficult. We were very excited to use the telescope, but the first time we tried we found the motorized arm, used in conjunction with the controller to move the body of the telescope up and down and side-to-side, was defective. We contacted Orion directly and the good thing is that they promised to send a replacement arm right away at no charge.

   We do have to return the defective arm, but they will supply the shipping materials and cover the shipping costs. Orion was very pleasant to talk to on the phone. I hope they come through with their promise to replace the defective arm quickly. I rated this purchase 3-stars given the very helpuful customer service from Orion, but cannot actually rate the telescope as we have not yet been able to use it. Awaiting delivery of the replacement arm.....

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